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The local company

Muong Hoa is the name of the valley below Sapa town (home of ethnic minorities) Muong Hoa company will be own and run by the local people, benefiting to the local communities !

Sapa is located at 1640m altitude (the city in the clouds) in Northern Vietnam and is a VERY popular and growing tourists destination, known for it’s colourful markets, it’s trekking activities in outstanding terraced landscapes and obviously it’s ethnic minorities people and villages (Black Hmong, Red Dao, Day, Tay and Thai) It attracts many tourists every year; however, mainly outside businesses are profiting and the local guides have not really benefited from these services yet. Unfortunately, none of the travel tour companies in Sapa are run by the ethnic minority people, which has been given no opportunity to do so… (Until now…)

Local and responsible travel is our vision. Community development is our mission. The Muong Hoa project has been imagined in 2011, planned in 2012 for an execution in 2013 with a unique web strategy in mind, covering most of ethnic minorities villages of Sapa district. Our next step consist of training a group of 10 women local guides to become business owners, 10 program beneficiaries receiving 10% each of Muong Hoa : Owned by the locals = The local company.

CHAPTER 1 (completed)

CHAPTER 2 (in progress)

CHAPTER 3 (coming soon)

Some of the projects we're currently working on :

The local companyMuong Hoa Sapa

We do realize the importance of the internet in sustainable and long term success for our company, which is the reason our network of websites is the priority at the moment. It may not be easy to understand for the majority but let's talk again about this in a few years from now ... (without the O) +

You Buy From Me

Dot com : An e-commerce online store for the Women Union handicraft clubs + an innovative way to generate a sustainable source of income providing more funding for the local artisans & street sellers.

San Sa Ho

Dot com : A 3 villages commune located below Sapa, home of Black Hmong ethnic minority, is a great location for a fundraising campaign providing more funding for the various training and educational programs.

Hen Gap Lai

Dot com : A North America foundation using the 501(c)3 status to benefit from various charitable programs available on the Internet, providing more funding to the local communities projects using the internet.

Meet the Muong Hoa management team (and local guides soon)

Part of a wider project about ethnic minority communities development, the San Sa Ho commune were the first to support our project. We are currently working on a web platform to sell the local handicrafts of the Women Union online (and more) we'll be processing soon the communities business development training projects in 2013, while we continue developing more unique and exclusive tours/trekking/travel packages. Thanks for your consideration. Bookmark us and come back soon !