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Cat Cat village

Home of Black Hmong : Cat Cat is the most popular attraction in Sapa, just a few minutes of walking distance from Sapa.

Your day in Cat Cat (full day tour) usually looks like this :
Muong Hoa valley in Sapa

8h- Breakfast on your own

You will meet your guide after breakfast at your hotel reception, and start walking thru mountains.
A nice trek is waiting for you

9h- Be ready to leave Sapa

Enjoy Sapa streets on the way to Cat Cat walking on the Fansipan road, alias the Cat Cat road.
You'll go away from the stairs too

10h- Walk in the Cat Cat stairs

Take pictures of the beautiful landscape when going down thru the stairs of Cat Cat village.
You invited to donate pencils, notebook, etc..

11h- Visit the children school

It is possible for you to stop by at the school, located in the middle of the rice fields.
That's it, you're there !

12h- Live in Cat Cat

When in Cat Cat village after a beautiful walk down the valley and enjoy the views its offering you.
Discover something new

13h- Eat lunch the Hmong way

Have a break for lunch and enjoy a traditional meal with a Cat Cat Black Hmong family.
Buy in the village, not in the stairs

14h- See the local handicrafts

A good time to shop for a few local embroidery handmade souvenirs made by villagers.
The real deal

15h- More rice paddies

Have a walk around the village, or enjoy the traditional Black Hmong pipe, or ask your guide to...
A great place to relax

16h- Picture the waterfall

On the way back to Sapa, you will stop you at the old French electric station to see the waterfall.
Meet the officials

17h- Stop at San Sa Ho

Learn how the villagers of Cat Cat village, which is part of San Sa Ho are also learning from you.
No need to climb back the valley

18h- Hen gap lai

It is time to say good bye and leave Cat Cat paradise. A van/motorbike will bring you back to Sapa.
Already, you miss Cat Cat

19h- You are back to Sapa

End of tour, dispose the rest of the day at your discretion, Sapa nightlife is waiting for you.

OUR OFFER : Discover Cat Cat village with a Cat Cat villager

Take no chance and avoid last minute surprise : Because the number of our guides living in Taphin are limited, we strongly suggest you to make your booking as soon as possible. It will guarantee you to live the best experience there is for visiting Cat Cat village with a guide from Cat Cat.

We will manage the following for your pleasure

Those items are included in your Cat Cat tour

  • A local ethnic minority guide opening you all the doors in the villages
  • With surprising english speaking skills answering any of your questions
  • A smiling attitude you won't forget (guarantee or your money back)
  • Transportation + tickets entrance fees + free lunch in the middle of the day
  • A picture souvenir (of you) in the "Friends of Cat Cat" section on

  • Book your tour

    It is obvious but we prefer mention it (to avoid confusion..)

    Those items are not included with your tour purchase

  • Insurance and Visa
  • Personal expenses
  • Soft drink (beer, coca cola…)
  • Gifts and Souvenirs
  • Tip to your guide

  • Book your tour

    Have a bigger group ? No problem, contact us for details

    Cat Cat village is a paradise for photographers

  • 1-2 = $50 per person
  • 3-4 = $45 per person
  • 5-6 = $40 per person
  • 7-10 = $30 per person
  • *no more than 10 per group (per guide)

  • Book your tour

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    Visitors Testimonials

    Please, send us yours too

    • Please DO NOT bring candies to the children : You may be thinking it is a nice gesture but you are hurting them more than doing good (they can NOT afford a dentist) you can instead offer them balloons, pencils, notebook and others useful things you may be thinking of...
      Steven, Canada
    • Cat cat village treck is a very easy one with a beautiful scenery through the walk and reaching the most beautiful piece of "heaven" in the middle of the treck....the waterfalls. Do not give it a miss, it is defiantly a "must do" thing to do while you are in sapa.
      Anat, Sydney, Australia
    • Seeing how the Hmong people really live is an eye opener. The waterfalls are pretty and the children cute.
      Vanisle, Vancouver
    • We had an amazing day at CatCat village, a day trip that we reserved by Customized Tour was great. Should bring some tradditional clothing and tried some food here, the locals were friendly as well. We would recommend to visit the village in the Sunday morning!
      FIX, Dallas, Texas
    • Easy walk to the village. The valley setting is super, we had a guide who took us off the beaten path alot and we walked across wide open fields and tip-toed on narrow bits of dry land between rice paddies. The people are what make the area so nice. The Hmong are so very friendly and chatty.
      Jonito, Baltimore, Maryland