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Muong Hoa Sapa adventures

Experience the difference (same same but different)

Specialized in custom made tours, we can customize any aspects of your trip to Sapa. Want to discover the area with a bike, 2 guides or 1 in particular, mix your hotel and sleep in the villages with us instead, experience an extraordinary treasure hunt with your group, maximize your photography skills with our photos tours, distribute happiness in local people, visit a school or help the local communities, visit Vietnam with one of our guides, conquer the highest summit of South East Asia, or anything else ?? We’re here to help and will be glad to satisfy ANY of your requests !

Coming soon

Saparadise – Treasure Hunt

The Sapa adventures using geocache…
Coming soon

Ha Khau – Chinese border

Have your passport stamped in China…
Coming soon

Water falls – Around Sapa

Discover 3 waterfalls in 1 day…
Travel more, live more, give more (Ha Giang province)
Coming soon

Lung Phin

Discover Lung Phin in Ha Giang province…
Coming soon

Meo Vac

Discover Meo Vac in Ha Giang province…
Coming soon

Khau Vai

Discover Khau Vai in Ha Giang province…

The 7 Sapa Adventures to be discovered (coming soon)

Tour #ActivityPlanReservation
MHA-01 Saparadise 10 hours
MHA-02 Ha Khau (China) 7 hours
MHA-03 3 waterfalls 9 hours
HA-01 HA GIANG - Lung Phin (2d1n) 33 hours
HA-02 HA GIANG - Meo Vac (3d2n) 57 hours
HA-03 HA GIANG - Khau Vai (4d3n) 80 hours
FA-01 Fansipan (2d1n) 34 hours
FA-02 Fansipan (3d2n) 58 hours
FA-03 Fansipan (4d3n) 82 hours